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When building a deck in Legends of Runeterra, you must choose a faction. You can have up to two factions per deck. You must select cards from within the faction of your choosing. For instance, if you choose Demacia you can only have Demacia cards in your deck.

There are six different factions in this game at launch, though there will be more added at a later date. Each faction has something that makes them unique, and you can generally make any play style work with any faction.

Each faction has four champions that represent them. Demacia has very strong defensive tools, unit buffs, combat tricks, and all around good cost efficiency creatures with solid survivability. Fiora has a unique ability in that if she can kill four different units with her and survive, you win the game. Pulling this off is no easy feat, but it is definitely possible with some buffs. Freljord generally has the biggest units and they are the only faction with access to mana generation and mana buffs.

Wyrding Stones and Catalyst of Aeons give you more mana gems than your opponents to let you play the bigger more expensive units. This faction is great in the mid and late game, and can be good at being aggressive. Braum is a great character to build up over the game and carry you to victory if he goes unanswered.

Ionia is really about evasive threats, being illusive, and avoiding incoming damage. They are also the onyl faction with counter magic in the form of Deny. They have a lot of combo potential with cards like Dawn and Dusk. These champions can be annoying to kill and can chip away at their opponents over time and close out games pretty quickly.

Champions like Zed are very aggressive as well. This faction is known for their strong early aggression. Cards like Legion Rearguard and Reckless Trifarian have very high stats.

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They are the best Faction for being super aggressive early on in the game. This faction is great for those players who love playing a fast aggressive game and close it out as soon as possible. They may lack some late game cards, but they certainly make up for it in the early game.

They are unique in that they are very balanced with no huge emphasis on offense or defense. They have a lot of offensive and defensive spells like Mystic Shot. They also have access to Puff Caps, which is basically poison mushrooms that can be embedded into enemy cards. When your enemy draws the cards affected by Puff Caps they get damage, so this is a great way to whittle away at some enemy Nexus health points. This faction is all about balancing life and death.

This faction is the only one with access to life gain, and they have a bunch of mechanics that rely on sacrificing their creatures. A lot of cards also utilize the Ephemeral mechanic which is good for aggressive play style. Shark Chariot is a card where whenever you summon an Ephemeral creature he comes back from the dead and attacks.

Shadow Isles is very good for aggressive play style and synergizes well as the second faction with almost any deck.The League of Legends was created at the end of the last Rune Waras a way to prevent another involving destructive rune magic that threatened to destroy Runeterra.

It does not completely outlaw all war, but merely steps in to limit and "referee," so to say, how far wars can go.

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It is mostly concerned with use of destructive rune and leyline magic, and places severe sanctions on nations that decide to use these potentially world threatening magics. The League also settle disputes between the Valoranian nations. Nations send Champions to battle on the Fields of Justice in such disputes, where they can fight each other without actually causing death. These disputes vary in size, ranging from a single match to month long conflicts involving hundreds of matches. The League often declares peace edicts over regions involved in disputes, to ensure war doesn't erupt and the outcome of the dispute is honored.

The League is housed in the Institute of War. It is located in the center of Valoranbetween the nations of Demacia and Noxus. This location gives it geographic and political power and positioning, allowing it to more easily oversee the affairs of Valoran.

The matches of the League are held on the Fields of Justice. They are maintained by the League and hold magic that allow the Champions to attack each other without causing permanent physical damage.

Summoners are trained in the Institute and assist Champions they mentally link to with strategic advice and magic. They are powerful mages who are highly sought after by the differing factions of Valoran to represent them in League disputes, as well as for their advice in political matters and magical prowess.

The Institute of War has become the largest center of magical learning and research. It is in the Institute where the summoners are trained and research magic. It holds many secrets of magic and artifacts within, granting it much prestige and power. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Summoners Edit Summoners are trained in the Institute and assist Champions they mentally link to with strategic advice and magic.

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We set up custom matches between the factions of the League setting, like Noxus and Demacia, using faction-specific Champion lists.

league of legends factions

People send in match results online, and factions win and lose points based on their performance on the Fields of Justice. The Balance of Powerdetermined by match outcomes. A screenshot of the first match of Mirrorwater.

Behold the glorious vintage interface! The runespells that will probably one day incinerate the planet are in its basement. Somewhat ironically, it was right around the time that League started having enough Champions from the various in-universe factions to support faction versus faction matches that Riot, in its abiding wisdom, decided that they had to purge some inconsistent and unnecessary elements from the lore of League of Legends, such as the League of Legends.

Factions is an unofficial community creation. This site is not operated by Riot Games. The use of Riot Games artwork is not intended to assert ownership.

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Faction List

Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel.Many people could care less the lore of their champion and what region they come from. Other people like it and find it very interesting.

league of legends factions

Mainly because it is interesting knowing the lore on a certain champion. We will be using these champion factions for future tournaments. Region vs Region and see what faction is the strongest. If you are interested to read each champions lore check out Leagues site here. See how good your champ is right now, see if your champ is in the meta right now.

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Check out our Tier List or the other websites tier lists and play the best champions that will help you climb. Know whats going on in the League of Legends world in our up to date blog. Know what skins are coming, patch notes, tournament news, opinion articles on league of legends topics and much much more. You can check it all out here Our Blog. Get better in every aspect of the game, check out our easy to understand Guides.

Learn how to climb in solo queue and how to master your lane so you can get better. Know Where They're From. Respect The Crest. League of Legends Champion Factions. Filter Categories. Shadow Iles. The Void. Mount Targon. Bandle City. Cho Gath.

league of legends factions

Kai Sa. Kha Zix. Kog Maw. Lee Sin. Miss Fortune. Tahm Kench. Twisted Fate. Jarvan IV. Xin Zhao. Aurelion Sol.Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. LHE Closing. Legends Weekend League GL Closing. UPL Summer Playoffs. BRCC Split 2. LDL Summer. LCK Summer. Red Bull Factions Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2 Red Bull Factions Qualifier 1. Qualifier 2. Main Event. Tower 1. Tower 2. Tower 3. Tower 4. Tower 5. Team Rosters. Standings Legend Advance to Finals Eliminated. Categories : Italian Tournaments Competitions.

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. Game Info New to League? This page was last edited on 20 Marchat Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends.

Pages that were modified between April and June are adapted from information taken from Esportspedia. Pages modified between June and September are adapted from information taken from EsportsWikis.

Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Red Bull. Advance to Finals. Bandle City.Welcome to the League Factions Wiki! This wiki covers the lore that drives League Factionsas well as the summoners that partake in the action.

Mirrorwater Noxus, Piltover, Demacia, Ionia, and the Freljord fight over a strange and powerful fluid from beyond Runeterra. Ceruleana shapes the world towards order and the Void invades - it's up to Bandle City, Demacia, and Piltover to stop it.

After Noxian refugees are denied entrance to Ionia, Noxus once again tries to capture their territory. Looking for something to help with? Try taking a look at the Requested Articles page. Factions is a community-powered League of Legends game mode in which Summoners declare for a faction, such as Noxus or Ionia, and fight matches using faction-specific Champion lists.

League Factions Official Website. League Factions Forum. A magically concealed island chain is discovered; Bilgewater, Ionia, Shadow Isles, and the Freljord battle for control.

League of Legends: The fate of rebel factions against Project Group?

With the entrance of Shurima as a Faction, Piltover and Noxus battle for its great lands. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Which Faction is your favorite? Bandle City. Shadow Isles. The poll was created at on September 23,and so far 46 people voted.

Categories :. What is Factions? News December 11, This dead as shit lol. January 17, If you're looking for a way to contribute, try the Requested Articles page. December 5, Faction Pages Creation in Progress!

Please send a message to Twilight Asuna if you have any questions, either in game, on the Wikia, or on the League Factions Forums.

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